Substitute Short Film


A short film shot on a Northumberland beach on the Red camera.

A stretch of golden sand. The beach is deserted except for an odd looking shape half way up the beach. A beached whale? When Jimmy, a nine-year-old boy trips over it he thinks he’s discovered a dead body. But then the mysterious man stirs and a battle of wits begins as the boy must try and save him from the tide. This determined little kid doesn’t know it yet but he’s just stumbled on his greatest hero. Now all Jimmy’s got to do is trick him to his feet. That and give this brutish, has-been of a man a reason to live…

An uplifting tale about loss, first love and discovering heroes on the very day we need them most.

Starring Gordon Poad, Sebi Schneiders and Anna Chidlow.

If you’d prefer to watch a higher resolution copy please contact Fiona at Multiminded.

Written and directed by Fiona Birkbeck. DOP: Richard Lawson. Sound: Andy Ludbrook. Editor: Nick Light. Music by Ouseburner.


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May 26, 2015