Open Innovation InnovateNE Session Video Playlist


The development of new products and services used to be done by large R&D units within big companies. This is no longer true in many cases, with big companies relying on innovation elsewhere to support their product pipelines. P&G’s R&D centre on North Tyneside is leading the way in new models of innovation, bringing in new ideas from universities and other companies.

This session describes the rise of ‘open innovation’ as an approach, and how the learning from P&G and others can benefit your business.

Mike Addison, Newcastle Science City: What is open innovation?
Euan Magennis, P&G & Tim Hammond, Durham University: Open innovation in practice — collaboration between P&G and Durham University
George Vincent, NineSigma UK: Open Innovation — Sourcing Solutions Through ‘Unexpected Connections’
Sam Whitehouse, QuantuMDx: How relevant is open innovation for small businesses?


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May 26, 2015