90s/Nineties Theme Party

90s music is a very popular theme. There is so much amazing 90s music to choose from we’ve even done different 90s events by sub genres too!  We have hosted our own 90s parties under our 90s-tastic brand banner but also DJd 90s theme parties for people who have been to or heard about our events and wanted a similar vibe for their parties. We have even done a two nighter Hacienda themed music event called Toffee Factory Records for The Late Shows.

Whether you’re looking for Britpop, 90s dance, Manchester/Hacienda, house music, rave, Seattle Grunge, Girl Power, Indie, Hip Hop or a mix of everything it’s a great era to pick. We’ve also been asked to combine Nineties and Noughties themes too.

And there is huge potential for venue decoration too whether you want a Hacienda vibe in those super distinctive colours or the smiley for rave or the Union Jack branding of Britpop.  We can also help on this front too. Get in touch.

Here are examples of a poster and video event teaser we did for one of our 90s-tastic nights.  We can create invites, posters and/or video teasers for different events and themes.

90s-tastic event poster A3

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