Who On Earth Are We And What Do We Do?

Multiminded Music is the music spin-off of Multiminded Digital, a boutique digital content agency in Newcastle.  Multiminded Music came about because we are music fanatics and DJs and were hosting more and more DJ events in our spare time. Because we like a lot of different kinds of music between us we thought it would be fun to put on DJ nights under a number of different music themes. Our monthly residency in the Ouseburn area of Newcastle has given us the perfect opportunity to do just that, many under the banner of our tastic brand – Dance-tastic, Synth-tastic, Disco-tastic, 90s-tastic, 80s-tastic, etc. We DJ’d at Lindisfarne Festival putting on the Indie Disco. We have also done tribute events for the likes of Prince, Wham!, Bowie, and the upcoming Mark E Smith/Fall night at the Cluny as we have been Fall fans for as long as we can remember.

We are also festival mad and live our lives to a soundtrack and then some. But we don’t just like and play music we create it. And we produce a myriad of other things music and festival related too including producing club visuals. If you’re looking for a service that’s music related whether it’s a producing a music promo, designing a record cover (we do love vinyl), building a band website, creating a soundtrack or jingle for a product or podcast, please get in touch.

In terms of parties and events: we can organise events from scratch right from designing the invite (paper, pdf and/or video teaser), producing visuals to be projected, creating props and masks, sourcing themed event items, helping with concept ideas or merely providing DJs. To discuss an event please contact us.